According to the latest survey, half of the UAE population has its own vehicles, and almost every two people has their own personal car. However, there is an excellent number of public transport in circulation, and most people in UAE prefer their own vehicles. Having personal vehicles is definitely comfortable and necessary if you maintain them correctly.

Everyone knows how necessary it is to get your precious car maintained and checked once every 6 to 7 months. This keeps your precious car away from significant issues. With the rapid increase in the number of car owners in Dubai, there has been an incredible increase in the number of car repair centers in Dubai and other emirates.

Top 10 Leading Car Service Centers in UAE

Here is a list of the top 10 leading car service centers in the UAE


WE FIX CAR has been providing its excellent services in Dubai since 2011. They provide all kinds of services your precious car requires, from accident works to car detailing services. Their dedicated team of professionals can ensure that your car runs efficiently, smoothly, and safely and that everyone can drive quickly with a vast catalog of high-quality tires, lubricants, car batteries, and products for all types of vehicles (from SUVs to cars, etc.). This is Dubai’s leading car service center because of its affordable rates and high standard of customer service. They are offering a 20% discount on all car service packages. It is located in the Al Quoz industrial area, Dubai.

2.  Zone Auto Care

For the past 4 decades, Zone Auto Care has been offering its car repair and maintenance services in Dubai. They provide all types of services your lovely car requires, from car minor to significant repair and maintenance. Currently, they are offering 25% to 30% discount on their services and are known for their friendly customer services and affordable rates. This car service center is located in the Al Quoz industrial area.

3.  Aarya Auto Repair

Aarya Car Service Center services all top-branded cars. It offers services like body repair, detailing, car AC repair, etc. Its mission is to satisfy customers with outstanding services without any delays. The Garage is located in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai areas. You can easily book their repair and maintenance services online after visiting their website directly on the Garage.

4.  Checkpoint

At Checkpoint, you will find a highly trained team who will expertly repair your car. The Checkpoint team offers the best services for brands like Range Rover, Porsche, Audi, and BMW. It provides a comprehensive range of services, from makeovers to fixing interior issues. This car service center is located in the Al Quoz industrial area, Dubai.

5.  Zdegree

They are famous for their tire replacement services. Z degree also provides roadside service as well. You just need to call them using their contact number, and their professional team visit you with all the latest equipment required. The fantastic thing about getting your precious car repaired in Zdegree is you can quickly transfer your payment to easy installment plans at affordable rates. Besides, they also sell high-quality tires, which can be easy to buy online on their website and get fitted perfectly at your preferred location. They have 6 car service centers in Dubai.

6.  Al Ghassan Auto Balance Workshop

At Al Ghassan, you find a highly professional team to work on your vehicles. It offers quality services at a low cost. The services they offer are oil changes, wheel replacements, brake works, etc. Because of their outstanding services, they have become one of the best car maintenance and repair centers in Sharjah, located in Sharjah al Wahda Road industrial area 4.

7.  AAA Dubai

As one of the best car service centers in Dubai, their professional team is always available to offer repair and maintenance services to give your car a new look at an affordable price. AAA is famous for providing expert services for land rovers and range rovers. It offers a pre-service value to its lovely customers so you can get a quote before handing over your precious vehicles to them. It is located in Rashidiya, Dubai.

8.  Cars-Clinic

Car Clinic provides affordable maintenance and services to all brands. It offers car detailing, body repair, engine issues, car AC repair, car body painting, dent repair, and many more at an affordable price, located in Rashidiya, Dubai.

9.  GT Auto Repair

GT Auto Center is one of the top car service centers in Dubai. It offers various services, like body repair, accident repair, car wash, car detailing, paint, dent removal, refinishing, etc. It even provides a pre-service value on the request of its lovely customers, which allows the customers to plan the cost of their service. Many insurance companies recommended GT Auto Centre to their customers located in Al Quoz Dubai.

10. Das Centre

As a leading car service center in Dubai, its mission is to provide customers with outstanding car repair and maintenance services. Their team is an expert in providing service for luxury brands like Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and many more. They also offer car, dent repair, AC repair, tuning, brakes, paintless, engine, detailing, dent removal, and all other major and minor services in Dubai, located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 Dubai.

Final Verdict

Spending your hard-earned money on lovely car repair and servicing might not be exciting, but it can strike forking out even more for costly repairs. Being stuck on the roadside in March (or any time) is not something any car owners want to experience. Keep your car in peak condition and vehicle running with regular service at WeFixCar. Be sure to visit their website to check the ongoing special offer of car servicing to get your car repaired at a more affordable price.

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